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Doing a regular ol' recap today--little moments from our week and weekend that I don't want to forget. Lots of smiles in this one! Doug was gone earlier in the week. He was gone the week before too. I don't want you to think I am roughing it over here though. Nana pretty much moves in, we eat peanut butter and jellies for supper and we all go to bed early. But we miss Daddy too. You should have seen Bennett Thursday morning when he saw Doug....I have never seen him so excited. What the heck!?! I never get that big of a smile. Not fair. Anyway, Nana bought Em a pair of cleats off the online garage sales for T-ball this summer. She couldn't wait to try them on and told me to send a pic to Daddy. She also requested an action shot because she thinks she is super fast. And she wants to wear them at all times....I guess they are cute since they are pink....but still, cleats do not go with everything. Lots happened with this cutie while Doug was gone. He tried sweet potatoes…

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